Page 6 - Fishing Report | 6-21-17
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Jeff @ Poor Richards; filed 6-19: Anglers are catching perch in 40 to 45 feet of water off Clay
        Banks, Trout Run and Godfrey, finally with some limit catches being taken. Walleyes are going
        pretty good with lots of small undersize walleyes being caught at 25 to 30 feet, and more keeper
        size taken at 40 to 50 feet. For walleyes, trolling both worm harnesses and plugs are working,
        with purple and black being one of the best colors.

        Andy @ Presque Isle Angler; filed 6-19: One good word…catfish! Big cats are being caught off
        the North & South Pier, and off the mouths of Elk and Walnut. Perch fishing is terrible – espe-

        cially from Walnut Creek to the New York line. One day last week both head boats were out
        with maybe 150 people between the two of them, and they brought back about 20 perch; and
        these captains know where to go. The perch fishing is bad because the bait is missing. Emerald
        shiners are nowhere to be found. I am out every day looking for bait. Ohio and NY state the em-
        erald population is down between 40% and 70%; PA Fish Commission Biologist says there is
        plenty of bait. Where? I’m out every day. Also, there are lots of small walleyes being caught and
        anglers need to treat them with respect when handling them so they can grow up big and


        Dave Horvath (Edinboro); filed 6-18: Hi Darl. I’m back fishing again. The Erie West report has ex-
        cellent walleye action. Shoreline out to 50 feet with worm harnesses working best. Anglers
        please note – there are lots of undersize ‘eye; please handle them with care as these are our fu-
        ture fishery. Perch fishing is not very productive at this time; have not heard any good reports.
        Hope it picks up!

        Marilyn Black (Cochranton); filed 6-10: Darl and I made the
        mistake of heading to PIB on opening Saturday of bass season;
        never would have done that had we looked at the calendar.
        What a mistake! No place to park, no place to fish…busy, busy,
        busy…and it was breezier than forecast. We ended up fishing
        for panfish in Marina Lake. Lots of fun – ‘gills, ‘seeds and rock-

        ies put a bend in the rod, too! (Editor: Which is a pumpkinseed
        and which is a bluegill?)


        Mike @ CDS; filed 6-19: I’ve been kayaking Neshannock Creek several times recently and catch-
        ing more smallmouth bass than trout. I use a small Rebel Crayfish. The better bites are when
        the water is low and clear. After the storms on Father’s Day, the creek will be a mess. I’ve also

        fished some area Game Land Ponds this past weekend, catching over 30 largemouths on wacky-
        rigged Senkos and Yum Dingers.
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