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Norm @ Jamestown Livery; filed 6-19: The word about the up-tick in walleye bite hasn’t fil-
         tered down to everyone yet. It was a slow weekend for boat rentals because of the poor re-
         ports of walleye catches. I did hear about good bluegill and crappie fishing late last week and
         Saturday, but calls for a stormy Sunday kept most anglers home. However, with the improved
         bite, I suggest anyone thinking about a boat rental for the 4  of July Holiday period better
         make reservations early – I’m already getting bookings.

         Laurie @ Duck-N-Drake; filed 6-19: I had reports of walleyes being taken this past week in 6 to

         7 feet of water by drifting with crawler harnesses; also a few guys were getting them by
         trolling plugs in 18 to 27 feet. Reports are crappies are going crazy, too. Bluegill bedding con-
         tinues with some nice size ones coming in. However, bass have disappeared from the radar. All
         necessary tackle and camp/picnic supplies – we have you covered for your 4  of July Holiday
         at Pymie.

         Patty @ Poff’s Place; filed 6-19: While it was rough
         weather on Sunday, I had customers report improved
         walleye catches late in the week through Saturday, with
         some nice-size fish. Crappies and bluegills seem hit and
         miss – good bite one day, and then slow the next. With
         the 4  of July coming up, I’ve got the tackle and live bait
                           you need for a successful outing. Be
                           sure to stop by and check out our selec-        Robinson’s Fish & Hunt supplied photo
                           tion of jigs and lures.

                           Sam @ Robinson’s Fishing and Hunting; filed 6-19: Daily reports have not
                           been done as of late because there had not been much to report. I am happy
                           to say that is changing! There have been reports on both the North and South
                           End of walleye hitting. And bluegills are biting, with some exceptional size
                           ‘gills being taken. A few crappies have been reported in 8 feet of water in
          Robinson’s photo
                           North End. No word on perch. (See photos)

         Darl @ Fishing with Darl Black Guide Service; filed 6-16: Going
         into June, consistent crappie fishing success remained elusive on
         Pymatuning. No good explanation for the lack of active crappies
         in either the shallows or the deep. Catches were so spotty that I
         offered guests the option to go for bluegills – which were biting –
         to save the day. Then on Friday, June 16 (the first calm day on the

         lake that I had experienced during May and June), it was like
         someone waved a wand. BIG white crappies were hitting jigs on
         deepwater cribs in 14 feet of water. Philip and Sue Drone were             Philip and Sue Drone
         the lucky anglers to get in on the big fish bite. Live minnows
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