Page 4 - Fishing Report | 6-21-17
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played no part in the catch; the magic lure was a 2.5 inch curly tail grub with bright-colored tail.
        With the exception of the first 9 inch crappie they caught, the balance of their 18 take-home
        fish were from 11 to over 14 inches – releasing as many as they kept.

        Hooker; filed 6-16: Hey Darl, Hooker is back! As usual Pymatuning Lake lives by its own set of
        rules. After talking to several people who all were saying the same thing “crappies aren’t biting”
        – I thought I might have my first unhappy clients on the fishing taxi. Mike and Melisa Hol-

        labaugh drove up from south of Pittsburgh to meet me at the lake. We launched about 9 AM
        and headed for where the fish should be this time of year. Fishing a slip bobber/small jig with a
        minnow in 10 feet of water we caught two keepers right away, and as if a switch had been
        thrown and the bite stopped. My electronics were showing fish suspended 5 feet down but
        they would not bite. Since the water was pretty dirty, I said to Mike
        “With the dirty water those fish may not have left the shallows yet.”

        We left the hump and headed to some wood cover on a point. We
        caught several good keeper fish from several trees. We repeated this
        pattern tossing small jigs and bobbers to wood cover on other
        points, putting together  a nice catch of White and Black Crappies. I
        have jokingly said many times that fish don’t wear sunglasses…
        though water temp was in the low 70s, the dirty water allowed
        them to stay shallow – not where the book says they should be at               Hooker photo
        this time of year. (See photo)

        Marilyn Black (Cochranton); filed 6-18: On Sunday morning, we made a run to Pymatuning to
                               beat the approaching storm front. Precise offshore presentation was diffi-
                               cult given the stiff breeze, but we managed a few white crappies from deep
                               structure along with my first walleye of the year. Then we hit some shallow
                               sites for bluegill and in the process Darl caught his biggest black crappie of
                               the season so far. At the first clap of thunder around 2 pm, we loaded the

                               boat and headed to Bob’s Place for burgers. It rained so hard during lunch
                               that it took a full ten minutes to drain our boat when we pulled the plug
                               after coming out of the restaurant. (See photo)

        Keith Beamer; filed 6-16: We harvested 24 panfish two nights ago. We
        caught a mixed bag of gills, crappie, perch, white bass and a 17-inch walleye.
        We also caught and released a 3-pound largemouth and over 20 small-
        mouths – but no size to the smallies. All caught on minnows. Yesterday the

        bite was slower but managed several nice crappies. (See photos)

        Christopher Tuers; filed 6-7: Kayak bass report – Clark Island’s big bay pro-            Keith’s mixed bag
        duced numbers of 2 to 3 pound largemouths on buzzbaits over weeds in ear-
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