Page 8 - Fishing Report | 6-21-17
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tion all are done spawning by now. As of 6-18 (my last guide trip
                                        prior to Fishing Report deadline) river smallmouth were coming
                                        out of their annual post-spawn doldrums. I am starting to see more
                                        quality size bass in the mix again, with fish showing up in summer-
                                        type spots – pocket water along riffles, moderate current runs, etc.
                                        Nearly all of our fish caught on recent trips have come on Rapala X-
                                        Raps. Accompanying photo is Al Schmidt with
         Al Schmidt/Knapp photo
                                        a 20-inch spawned out female smallmouth
        bass from a mid-June trip.

        Steven Barnett; filed 6-16: I caught this huge smallmouth bass while
        night fishing for musky on the upper Allegheny River. It was 25.5 inches
        long and weighed 6.21 pounds. I released it immediately after the photo.

        I was using an 8-inch bluegill for bait trying to lure a musky. (See photo)

                                                                                             Barnett’s River Monster!
        Fishing with Darl Black Guide Service:
        Total Crappie Fishing Package awarded to guide guest plus Summer Outlook
        Watch my FB Page “Fishing with Darl Black” week of July 4th for next crappie outfit prize.

        Prize Awarded: Back in April, a name was drawn from among guide guests who had reserved a
                           2017 trip prior to start of guide season.  Mark Mauro of Indiana was the win-
                           ner of the Total Crappie Fishing Package which included
                           B’n’M Rod & Reel, Gamma Line, and baits/accessories
                           from Road Runner, Bobby Garland Crappie Baits and Thill
                           Floats. When Mark and his father-in-law arrived to fish
                           Pymatuning on June 9 , he was presented the prize
         Mark Mauro        package. With crappies less than cooperative on his trip,

        we turned our attention to bedding bluegills and pumpkinseeds; they took a mess of fish home
        for a fish fry.
        Summer Outlook: Just as Pymatuning was                                  clearing up from the Memorial
        Day weekend storms, the white crappie bite                              in deeper water finally kicked in
        last week; Philip Drone and his wife caught                             the biggest crappies I’ve seen
        since last fall. Then the Father’s Day storms                           arrived, dumping 4 to 5 inches
        of rain in the area. However, I expect the                              deeper water bite to hold. With
        that in mind, I have open dates available at Pymatuning through July 8  – especially for those
        coming up to vacation at campgrounds or cabins for the Holiday.
        Starting July 14 , I will make the switch to Conneaut Lake for summer crappies, bluegills and
        bass. However, I only fish Conneaut on weekdays; weekend trips would be to Pymatuning or
        Wilhelm. I will offer regular 5 hour trips for $200.00 for crappie and bluegill (or bass) at any one
        of the lakes. But I will also offer special anything-that-bites evening trips to Conneaut from 3:30
        to 7:30 (four hours) for $150.00 from July 14  to Labor Day in September.
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