Page 10 - Fishing Report | 6-21-17
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Black Knight Industries
          Oil City, PA 16301

          You can find GAMMA LINE locally at the following tackle shops:

              Consumer Direct Sports (CDS) – Grove City Outlet Mall, PA
              Griffins Bait & Tackle – Cooperstown, PA
              Maurer’s Trading Post – Franklin, PA
              Robinson’s Bait & Tackle – Linesville, PA

              Keith Beamer & Rick Como are winners of the Tackle Prizes for this issue of the Fishing
                 Report. Keith receives a pack of Galida Grubz, and Rick receives a pair of American
                 First Aid sunglasses. Please email your shipping address to Darl Black to claim your
                 prize. You must contact Darl by email to receive your prize.

                            I am a big light tackle guy. I love fishing 2-pound or 4-pound test Gamma Pan-
                            fish Line for crappies, ‘gills and smaller fish of any species. Even when I bass

                            fish, my spinning/casting rods are filled with 6 to 10 pound test Gamma Edge
                            or Polyflex for the majority of presentation. But when it comes to summer
                            frogging for largemouth bass, I beef up. A 6.5 to 7-foot medium-heavy action
                            casting rod is spooled with 30 pound Gamma Torque. Braid is the only way to
        go on a frog outfit. So why talk about a heavy weed outfit? Because I think 2017 is going to be
        the Summer of The Frog. The mild winter set the stage for very early

        and very rapid weed growth in many area lakes. Vegetation is already
        thicker than I can ever remember at Pymatuning. Furthermore,
        Presque Isle Bay, Conneaut Lake, Lake LeBoeuf, Edinboro, Lake Wil-
        helm as well as Game Land Ponds have always had good weedbeds for
        frogging, and I suspect vegetation in these lakes will be thicker and
        more expansive than previous years. Time to Get Your Frog On – and
                                                                                          Terminator Frogs
        be sure to fish it on 30 or 40-pound Gamma Torque.—Darl Black @
        Fishing with Darl Black Guide Service.
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