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        Published by Blackwolfe Communications LLC                              Issue: June 21, 2017

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                                                                                             Fishing with Darl

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                                                                The Landing Net by Darl Black
                                                                June 21  – First day of summer! Usually, I
                                                                hate to see spring fishing give way to sum-
                                                                mer. But this year, I’m making an exception.
                                                                While many anglers experienced good bites
                                                                at PIB for smallmouth bass and Shenango for
                                                                stripers, the overall spring fishing was some-
                                                                what dismal – especially if you fished
                                                                Pymatuning and Wilhelm. Plus the Allegheny

                                                                River & French Creek lwere often blown out.
                                                                But recent reports on walleye and crappie –
                                                                especially at Pymie – are encouraging. Let’s
                                                                hope it continues into summer. At this
                                                                writing, the Allegheny River and French Creek
                                                                are blown out — again, but this too will
                                                                change.  Check out the River Monster at the

                                                                left caught & released in the Allegheny prior
           RIVER MONSTER: When was the last time you saw a six-  to recent high, muddy water. We have had
           pound plus smallie from the upper Allegheny? Read more
                                                                enough rain and wind, let’s think positive for
           about it in the Allegheny River section of Venango Co. report.                        th
                                                                the big fishing week of July 4  rapidly ap-
                                                                proaching. Go Fish!
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