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        Published by Blackwolfe Communications LLC                              Issue: November 7, 2018

         The NW PA Fishing Report is brought to you by:

                                                                                             Fishing with Darl

                                                                                             Black Guide Service

                                                                The Landing Net by Darl Black

                                                                This past October will go down as one of po-
                                                                lar opposites. Started out with record high
                                                                temps, then suddenly went into storm mode
                                                                with wet, windy and cooler than normal
                                                                temps. Now looking at the long range fore-
                                                                cast, it appears November will be one of cold,
                                                                snow and gray skies. No Indian Summer this
                                                                year. Hope to get one day in on the river with

                                                                Dale for Bronzeback Friday if river half decent
                                                                level.  If you get a chance to get out within
                                                                the next week, the two hottest inland lakes
                                                                right now are Shenango and Conneaut. With
                                                                all the rain, steelhead run should continue
                                                                strong until streams ice over. For those ice
                                                                jockeys, things may be looking up for winter.

                                                                Yes, I’ll be here reporting on the winter fish-
           Marilyn Black with Conneaut Lake fall Smallmouth Bass   ing. Heck I might even go ice fishing for one
                                                                day if the ice is more than 12 inches. But my
                                                                heart will be looking forward to spring!
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