2018 Fishing Reports

October 10th NW PA Fishing Report

NW PA anglers are still waiting on the cool down of lake and river water temperatures which trigger the fall feeding frenzies for several key fish species. In the meantime, the best inland bites appear to be the Allegheny River for smallmouth bass and Shenango Lake for bass, stripers and crappies. Steelhead are beginning to move into Erie tributaries but a cool down is need to really activate higher number of fish to run upstream. Check out the details.

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September 26th NW PA Fishing Report

September is transitional fishing, going from summer patterns to the initial early fall patterns. Some changes have already started and more will follow in the coming weeks. If we get the anticipate rain this week, Erie tributaries will be filled with the first run of fall steelhead by the weekend. Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and hybrid striped bass species are beginning to move into fall feeding mode. Walleyes, crappies, perch and trout will follow as the water temperature continues to cool. Predicting start points of seasonal bites under changing weather conditions is iffy. The answer is simple: just GO FISH and enjoy fall fishing!

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September 12th NW PA Fishing Report

In NW PA right now we are in the middle of the September transition from summer to early fall. With all the unsettling weather – unseasonably hot, too much rain, and too much wind – the fish are as confused as the anglers. But fishermen do their best given the circumstances and the results are in the September 12 issue of the Fishing Report. And keep in mind that October and November are coming – two of best months for big fish in our region

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August 29th NW PA Fishing Report

As end of summer draws near, slight changes in the weather forecast the fall bite will be heating up in the not too distant future. But for the time being, area anglers are still enjoying excellent walleye fishing on Lake Erie, great hybrid striper bite at Shenango, busting bronzebacks on the Allegheny River, outstanding panfishing at Conneaut and some unbelievable catfish catches at Pymatuning. The next few weeks will see dramatic shifts in fishing, including a hoped-for perch bite on Lake Erie and early arriving steelhead in the Erie tributaries. Keep on casting!

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