May 25th NW PA Fishing Report

Finally with warmer weather and rising water temperatures into the 60s, just about every species of fish in NW PA are feeding in the shallows. Seems like it has been a long time in coming this year, given our ice went out March 1st. But from now to mid-June will be some of the most exciting fishing in the PA Great Lakes Region. Read the Report and make your plans.

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May 4th NW PA Fishing Report

With the arrival of May in the PA Great Lakes Region, anglers are hoping for an improvement in the weather. Consistent NE winds and gray skies have plagued the area for almost two weeks. But May is the month that sunbaked shallows of lakes should be filled with a variety of fish species. Based on most reports from anglers, crappies are kicking into gear on several area lakes and the smallmouth bite on the Allegheny is HOT!

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April 20th NW PA Fishing Report

Under a strong and consistent warming trend, fish-catching is breaking out all over the PA Great Lakes Region. Crappies, largemouth bass and walleye with increased appetites are roaming the shallows in NW PA Lakes. River and creeks levels are receding gradually and water is clearing up, creating ideal conditions for smallmouth to feed. A pending new State Record Yellow Perch was caught recently in Presque Isle Bay. Good news all around. Get out and fish!

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April NW PA Fishing Report

Although ice out was earlier than normal in the Pennsylvania Great Lakes Region, cold temperatures, wind, rain and snow have played havoc with fishing in the region during March. With the arrival of April, anglers are looking forward to more stable weather and the spring warm-up which triggers the seasonal bites. For complete details read the April 6, 2016 issue of the NW PA Fishing Report.

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